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Prophecy in the News: September 2022

Surely the LORD GOD will do nothing, but He reveals His secret unto His servants the prophets.”  

Amos 3:7

There is a new Axis of Evil and it exactly matches the one spoken of in Bible prophecy concerning the End of the Age.

  • The first and most powerful is China, known in Scripture as the King of the East.
  • The second is Russia and its Warsaw PAC confederation, known biblically as Magog with its leader called Gog.
  • And the third is known in scripture as Persia, today renamed Iran.

The People's Republic of China is officially an atheist state. It has the world’s largest navy and second largest economy. The world’s largest economy is now the European Union which will come under the control of the Antichrist. China has nuclear weapons and interconnectional ballistic missiles to carry warheads. It has a 2,200,000 man army. The people are governed by a dictator, Xi Jinping and his current plan calls for domination of the East. China has no past governance history with Taiwan yet Jinping is determined to take control of it by negotiation, intimidation or invasion. All economist are clear that if Taiwan is destroyed in a war, it will cause a collapse of the world economic systems.

Russia has a second rate military force but has nuclear missiles that can now travel at nine times the speed of sound. It had a 200,000 man army but has lost one third over the past six months in the current Ukrainian war. The Russian military is now recruiting Russian inmates to fight in the war rather than upset the public by starting a draft system. If a prisoner survives for 6 months, they are given their freedom. Convicted murderers are encouraged to join but not mass murders, rapists or child molesters. The people elected Vladimir Putin as their President, but his title in scripture is Gog. Putin has slowly taken total control over the country. His current plan is to expand Russian territory by annexing the countries that border it. The first country to defy his plan has been Ukraine. He retaliated by invading this peaceful democratic country. If he cannot win the war, he will completely destroy the country to serve as a lesson for the next country he plans to invade. With the melting of the Arctic region, he is already building military bases bringing him ever closer to Canada and America.

The third member of the Axis is Iran, prophetically known as Persia. It is also singled out in scripture as a major player in a prophesied war against Israel. It refers to Israel as Little Satan and America as Big Satan. It has a military force or six hundred thousand men and is fanatically dedicated to defending the country and its Shiite Muslim population. Iranian soldiers enter into battle with no intent on surviving and returning home. They consider it the greatest honor to die as a martyr for their religion and country. They believe that to die in war is the only sure way to heaven. The government is continually working to create a nuclear weapon that they have repeatedly stated will be used to destroy Israel, even if it means Israel will, in turn, destroy Iran. It recently signed a treaty with Russia and will supply weaponized drones for Russia to use in its war against Ukraine. The people elect a leader but all decisions by elected political rulers must first be reviewed and approved by the head cleric, known as the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

If Iran develops a nuclear warhead, Israel has vowed to immediately destroy it and all nuclear facilities. Iran will respond with help from Russia and possibly China, its close ally. Russia will use the Israeli attack as a pretext to strike back at America for helping Ukraine win the war. Russia will volunteer to coordinate a Muslim invasion of Israel by the Iranian, Syrian, Lebanese and possibly Egyptian military forces. Russia will coordinate the attack from its military bases currently located in Syria. This is known as the Psalm 83 War in which God personally destroys the invading armies once they are on Israeli soil (Psalm 83:1-18; Ezekiel 38:1-23).

The number one name Googled in Israel over 300 years old is Jesus

Using Google in the US to search for a church is down 15%

Using Google to search for porn sites in US is up 83%

Using Google to search for information on Heroin is up 32%

The #1 search for the word Neighbor is in phrase Love thy neighbor

The #2 search for the word Neighbor is in phrase Neighbor Porn

The #1 search for the word God is in the phrase God of War

The #1 search for words How To is in the phrase How to steal from Walmart

Articles on Google that pertain to WWIII are up this year by 75%

In Other News

Long term rolling data shows a consistent annual increase in the number of people who identify as agnostics or atheists (II Thessalonians 2:3).

Seven states in the southwest continue to experience what they are calling a 23 year long Mega Drought with no signs of letting up.

China, Russia and Iran will conduct coordinated major war drills in Latin America in August 2022 named Sniper Frontiers.

Drug smuggling into the U.S. is up 350% this year.

A Mass Shooting is defined as at least 4 people shot and injured or killed not including the shooter. There have been 417 Mass Shootings to date in America in 2022.

Russia loaned the use of a spy satellite to Iran to help them track the movements of Israeli military.

China has been caught paying people in America to steal hybridized seed from local farmers in order to obtain this technology.

The UN officially announced, “The world is moving backwards on its war against hunger”.

On the television show, Americas Got Talent, the panel allowed a demonic choir to go on to the next round of the competition 6/28/22. YouTube: Dremeka Choir

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