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Prophecy in the News: October 2022

It is not always easy being a member of the Axis of Evil. Putin met with China mid-September to negotiate a loan to buy weapons from them. Russia was recently forced to buy back weapons it had sold to North Korea to use in Ukraine. Korea did not want to sell the weapons back but they are currently not talking with their only other supporter, China. China is upset with Kim for constantly test firing ballistic missiles. Therefore, North Korea was forced to sell back Russian made weapons in order to keep a good relationship with Russia, their only other supporter. China would not promise Putin a loan or weapons because the U.S. would put more trade sanctions on China whose economy is now noticeably faltering due to continuous Covid lockdowns, inflation and continuing U.S. sanctions. China cannot withstand a public uprising. While they currently have a 2,200,000 man army, they also have a population of over 1,400,000,000 upset people. China was expecting Russia to quickly defeat Ukraine and then they would in turn invade Taiwan. But Russia has lost the war and Biden has destroyed their economy with sanctions. Biden has recently vowed that if China invaded Taiwan, he would send troops and wear down China like he did Russia. Thus, China appears to no longer be willing to take the chance and invade Taiwan. All this has upset Kim who had been toying with the idea of invading South Korea after China invaded Taiwan. But now his plans are ruined because nobody wants to play with him in the sandbox. I guess sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be the bad guys!

President Biden stated that Russia threatening to use a nuclear device against Ukraine would put the world the closest it has been to Armageddon since the Cuban Missile Crisis on Oct 16, 1962.

Vladimir Putin fired his top general this week and replaced him with a general whose nickname is ‘General Armageddon’. BBC World News 10.10.2022.

The new general vowed to step up missile strikes. The next day Russia fired 84 missiles and 24 Iranian supplied drone strikes. Ten cities were hit indiscriminately. Russia is becoming a terrorist state.

The Biblical word wormwood is Chernobyl in Russian. Revelation 8:8-10

The President also stated publicly that if China invaded Taiwan, he would send in U.S. troops to fight. Washington Post 9.18.2022

Iran is the fourth player in the Axis of Evil. It has been governed by extremist Muslim clerics since 1979. But this mistake by the Iranian people made forty three years ago appears to be coming to an end. They thought a government made up of devout Muslim leaders would be honest, smart and blessed by God. But they have found that their government is corrupt, cruel and spends their tax dollars to support terrorist groups that cause destruction and death throughout the Middle East. The people are now demanding a democrat government and a separation of church and state. Tens of thousands are marching in the streets every day. Iran is the only Shia Muslim nation in the Middle East . All others are Sunni and this is seen as problematic to the religious leaders of Iran. God is obviously working to end this oppressive regime.

Micro plastic beads have been found in hailstones for the first time. They were known to be in the earth oceans and even in our water supplies as they are too small to be filtered out. But now they have been found in the air we breathe. Scientist think this helps explain why hailstones have been getting larger (some as large as tennis balls) and more frequent. Large hailstones can destroy crops and can cause major property damage. BBC News 10.10.2022

NASA’s Dart Spacecraft released a missile the size of a refrigerator that hit a small asteroid and caused it to slow down by 31 minutes. This means that the U.S. is now capable of locating, striking and moving an asteroid so that it does not hit the earth. NASA has quickly moved forward on this project in anticipation of the asteroid Apophis which is the size of the Empire State Building and likely to strike the earth on Friday, April 13, 2029. This is a tremendous accomplishment and a great help in protecting the earth from destruction. However, NASA was clear that there is still no way to detect an asteroid that come towards the earth from behind the sun. They just suddenly appear and there is currently nothing that can be done quick enough to stop a direct hit.

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