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Prophecy in the News: November 2023

And there will be a time of trouble, Such as never was since there was a nation even to that time. But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the ‘time of the end’; many will run to and fro, ‘and knowledge will increase’ {at that time}." (Daniel 12:1-4)

Anderson Cooper aired a one hour special on CNN concerning the coming AI revolution (12/3/23). Some of the major developers behind AI were interviewed. They anticipate that AI will have a more profound effect on society than that of fire or electricity. Humans will no longer be the smartest creatures on earth. It was agreed that AI could solve all the problems of mankind. Or, AI may reason that all problems are caused by mankind therefore the elimination of mankind solves all problems. The issue is which is worse, humans using AI or humans losing control over AI. All agreed that AI will have the ability to end humanity unless stopgaps are created that AI cannot determine how to bypass.

AI will be capable of developing revolutionary economic strategies that will completely upend current systems. AI has recently developed an energy system that produced heat up to 150 million degrees using only water as its fuel. This technology, when scaled for commercial use, could provide unlimited energy with no pollution. This system is scheduled for mass production in 30 years, if not sooner. AI is expected to develop cures for all diseases within 20 years. AI is currently able to read and decode human brainwaves. This has been used to allow people with spinal cord injuries to now be able to walk just by thinking about walking. AI picks up the brain signals and sends electrical impulses to the muscles in the legs thus bypassing the spinal cord system. In fact, this system has even caused nerves in the spinal cord to start regenerating. The system called “Onward” is scheduled to be marketed to the public in 2 years. Another AI brain reading program is currently being used by law enforcement to detect if suspects are lying.

The US military is developing robots with AI programs that allow a bot to be autonomous. This means that, for the first time, a machine will be able to identify an enemy and fire at will. This system is currently referred to by US military command as a Lethal Autonomous Weapon System or L.A.W.S. Ukraine is currently using AI assisted killer drones in its war with Russia. The drones can now identify Russian soldiers on the ground and neutralize them at will. The Ukrainian generals have stated that to date, the drone bots are 100% accurate in their kill missions. The US military envisions a squadron of one thousand armed drones working in perfect unison locating and attacking large enemy targets. If the enemy attempts to interfere with the bots real time contact with its command center, the bot will simply rely on its independent AI program and continue attacking until the enemy is neutralized.

AI and its development and uses are currently outstripping the government’s ability to supervise the growth of this industry. Daniel prophesied that this very ability by mankind would appear at the end time of the government of man. Mankind, by way of attained knowledge, now considers itself a god capable of solving all problems. We are now there!

During the ground war in Gaza, Israeli troops are going building by building to root out the brainwashed, violent radicals and bring them to justice. If this campaign works there, they are going to try it on ivy league university campuses in the U.S.

Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) accused Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) of intentionally elbowing him in the kidney in a Capitol hallway. Tim chased after Kevin down the hall to confront him. Kevin told Tim it was an accident because if he meant to hit him, “you would know it!” Then Tim said, “Oh yeah?” And Kevin fired back, “Yeah!” Then Tim yelled, “You don’t even know!”. And Kevin said, “Oh yes I ‘do’ know!”. Then the principal came up and told them both to go back to class. If there is a rematch it will be called, “The Thunda in the Rotunda”.

In other brawling news, Mark Wayne Mullins (R-Ok) threatened Teamster boss Sean O’Brien to a fist fight in a senate committee chamber. It started when Mullins said to O’Brien, “ You want to run your mouth … we can be two adults, or we can finish it right here!”. O’Brien shot back, “That’s fine …perfect!” Mullens then said, “You stand your butt up!” O’Brien shot back, “You stand ‘your’ butt up!” Mullens then stood up, handed his books to a friend in the hallway and took off his senior ring. It was then that 82 year old social studies teacher, Bernie Sanders (IND - VT) quickly told Mullen to “sit down” and reminded him that he was a U.S. Senator. Mullins later told Fox News that, “I saw fear in his eyes and I’m not kidding!”. On a pod cast Mullins said,“ I bite when I am in a fight, and I don’t even care where I bite!” In related news, Mullins has been asked to use the Senate’s family bathroom as male Senators are now understandably very nervous around him. Also, Mullins new campaign slogan reads, “I’m Mark Wayne Mullin … What are you looking at?”

The Republican party held its 3rd Presidential debate. Only now the debates are being referred to as the “Who wants to be Vice President” debate?”.

Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has built the tallest and fastest roller-coaster in the world. A staggering 500’ tall and reaches a top speed of 128 miles per hour. If the vertical drop does not kill you, a bug hitting your forehead will.

Drones have become a major danger to US airports. Over 100 reports are made each month. Airport security has developed a way to stop these intrusions. First they use radio waves to disable the operators ability to control the drone. The drone then goes into auto pilot and returns to the owner. Radar follows the drone and locates the owner who is fined $30,000. There… that should do it.

Researchers looking into antisemitism in American history discovered that Henry Ford strongly disliked the Jews. Even more disturbing, Adolf Hitler actually had an oil portrait of Henry Ford made and hung it on his office wall (The Atlantic, “America’s Most Dangerous Anti-Jewish Propagandist”, by Daniel Schulman, 11.7.23).

During the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade, Palestinian protesters poured blood on their heads then super glued themselves to the asphalt along the parade routes. Police reported it took medics time to dissolve the glue and arrest them. Question … doesn’t NY City have street sweeping machinery? They don’t pay the NY City police enough.

Thanksgiving 2023 was uniquely different. While some people at the table took pictures of the food and posted it, other people at the table took Ozempic and only stared at the food.

TikTok devotees have become so brain washed that they not only support Hamas, they also support Osama bin Laden. This is proof that they need to put better child proof lids on Tide Pods.

George Santos was voted out of the Senate due to an impending 23 count indictment, which includes a wide variety of crimes he allegedly committed. His final statement while leaving the Capitol building was that he was sick of Congress and would never run again. So I guess he’s going to run again?

Belly fat has been medically linked to early onset of Alzheimer’s. This may explain why Santa is always making a list and checking it twice, no three times, no four times?

American ornithologists are meeting to rename 80 varieties of birds with problematic names as many indigenous to the South were named after confederate war heroes. But the most problematic name of all is the species called, “Jared From Subway”!

Kmart was forced to pull a Christmas item off its shelves. It was a ham wrapped in a canvas bag which was stenciled with a label that read, “Merry Ham’mas!” To make matters worse, Hamas is a Muslim terrorist group that believes, if a person eats pork, they are destined for Hell.

An Iowa man by the name of John Blain Casey received 20 years for possession of child pornography. In related news, his parents also received 20 years for giving their son that name.

Justin Bieber posted a Twitter that said, “Pray for Israel” but accidently attached a picture of Gaza buildings bombed by Israeli forces. He later said he thought the picture was of Jerusalem. And, he is allowed to vote?

QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley announced he will be running for Congress. Even more remarkable, he stated that he considers himself a Republican moderate.

Restaurant chain Chili’s has a new ad campaign featuring the 1980's pop singing group Boyz II Men. Looks like Boyz II Men have Bills II Pay.

President Biden pardoned two turkeys from Philadelphia. In a nod to the Liberty Bell, one was named Liberty and the other named Bell. But Crack did not fare so well. As his name suggest, he took the wrong path in life, got arrested, convicted and was fried … to a delicious golden brown.

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