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Prophecy in the News: January 2024

In a new survey, Putin was dealt a blow on the popularity of the Ukraine War. The poll, conducted by the Russian Field Agency, showed that approximately 40% of Russians said that they would cancel their country’s invasion of Ukraine. The poll was based on phone samplings of 1,600 Russians in mid-January. Polling analysis believe that this number will only grow as the war drags on and Russian soldiers are killed in ever growing numbers. Russia invaded Ukraine in February of 2022 with 330,000 troops. As of January 2024, Russia has lost 300,000 troops. It is estimated that between 50 to 60% were killed and the rest discharged from duty due to the severity of their wounds. Russia has also lost approximately 6,000 tanks, 12,000 personnel carriers, 328 planes and 324 helicopters (war.ukraine.ua). Putin stated that Russia held a successful voluntary recruitment campaign in 2023 by enlisting 486,000 soldiers. This number also includes the enlistment of prisoners. However, it was not clear if their enlistment was voluntary, or if they were shown a “four story window”.

Putin also finds himself in a weakened position with China one of his few remaining allies. A one-sided agreement was struck that Russia would sell its' oil to China at discounted rates and that Russia would buy more Chinese products at full price to replace those unavailable through Western embargos. But, China has not committed to buying Russian products in return as they fear more sanctions from the U.S.. China has also not endorsed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and will not be giving Russia significant military assistance in 2024. China has made it clear that they will not be investing in Russia. International banks continue to cut ties with Russian businesses due to a failing Russian economy. This means that the bleed out of the Russian economy has been slowed but still continues. Europe and the U.S. have agreed to send $129 billion dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. This will support a Spring offensive by Ukraine to regain territory annexed by Russia in 2014.

Putin is very frustrated concerning military progress on the front lines. It seems that in order to advance on Ukraine, the troops must gather in large numbers. But, each time this happens, Ukraine sends in cheap hobby drones that have proven to be extremely effective in killing troops and destroying tanks. Even trying to organize far behind the battle lines is difficult as Ukraine is aware of these movements and quickly sends in the drones. Russia is struggling to find a way out of this military stalemate. They have determined that their only resort is to start so-called “meat grinder” assaults in the Spring. This is when very large numbers of Russian troops suffer steep causalities as they attempt head-on attacks. The sheer number of charging bodies overwhelms Ukraine’s abilities to kill that many troops at one time. Thus, the defensive line is penetrated and Ukraine must fall back.

Putin is also frustrated as Feb 24th marks the two year anniversary of his invasion of Ukraine, and he is running for office on March 17th. However, he is running unchallenged as those who were going to run against him have dropped out … of "four story windows".

We are now in the Chinese Year of the Dragon. To celebrate, the US Postal Service has issued a commemorative stamp with the picture of what is called a dragon ‘spirit’ mask. It will be issued in late March just in time for Easter. Good timing?

Taylor Swift is apparently big on the number 13. She sites fifty times that the number 13 has been involved in her career. For example, Swift makes $13 million per concert, 76% of fans are female and 7+6=13.(Taylorswift.fandom.com/wiki/13)

Two Greenpeace activists in Paris threw pumpkin soup on the painting known as the Mona Lisa. The painting was not damaged due to a protective glass covering. So let’s get this straight. These environmental activists went after a woman that has never owned a car?

A French tourist on vacation in Arkansas unearthed a 7.46 carrot diamond in a state park. This is remarkable! But the thing that is even more unbelievable is that someone from France took a vacation in Arkansas.

American credit card balances just reached a new high point of debt totaling of one trillion dollars. Congratulations America! We continue to be a country of people who buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.

Alaska Airlines was voted #2 in service to their customers. Insiders said that this news really blew the doors off their competition.

In somewhat similar news, while waiting for takeoff, a venomous snake was found in an AirAsia overhead bin causing panic among the passengers. The stewardess tried to open the plane's door. But wouldn’t you know, this time it was tightly bolted shut. AirAsia explained that there was no danger to passengers as the stewardesses are all trained on how to capture and contain poisonous snakes found in overhead bins on their aircraft. I know I feel safer...?

Just when you thought online scams could not get any lower, there is a new one. It called Sextortion. It involves adult hackers finding sexually explicit pictures privately sent from one minor to another. They then target the minor and demand that they pay a ransom or the pictures will be sent to family and friends. This is thought to have led to suicides.

An Australian mother found a venomous snake hiding in her son's sock drawer. The son immediately inquired, “So … you didn’t find anything else in there … right?”

Governor DeSantis decided to end his presidential campaign. At his press conference he stated that he, “got his ticket punched.” Unfortunately, that ticket was for a flight on Spirit Airlines next to a loose door plug!

During a recent interview, Pope Francis stated that, ”… sexual pleasure was a gift from God.” The problem was, no one had asked him a question on that topic.

A new blood test has been developed that can determine if a person is in the very earliest stage of Alzheimer’s. It will be available later this year.

Oscar Mayer is baffled as to why they cannot find qualified Weinermobile drivers. Two words, human dignity.

The Federal Highway Commission has stated that they will no longer allow roadside computer driven signage to display cleaver or funny safety messages. They say it is because it distracts drivers. On an interesting note, they apparently do not have a problem with the approximately 800,000 billboards on the sides of American interstates and major routes. Theses signs advertise everything from churches to gentleman’s clubs featuring exotic dancers whose provocative pictures and names are on the signage.

The actress playing Barbie and the movie’s director were not nominated for Academy Awards this year. It has caused such unrivaled outrage among the doll’s devotes that this unbelievable snub is rumored as being investigated by Interpol. Its findings in this matter will then be referred to the International Court of Justice in Hague. It is hoped that Seal Team Six will be responsible for doling out well deserved justice.

Last year, over three million immigrants entered the United States illegally. Conversely, tens of thousands of the world’s brightest foreign exchange students attended ivy league universities to learn and further the development of cutting edge technologies. Yet, upon graduation, they were all escorted to the airport and immediately sent back to their country of origin as they were here on temporary student visas. Go figure.

Starbucks has created two new drinks to help celebrate Valentines Day 2024. They are the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Crème Frappuccino and the Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie Crème Cold Brew. So, just like your high school sweetheart did to you only weeks after Valentines Day, theses drinks will also ‘break your heart’.

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