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Timeline of Jesus' Ministry Revealed

The problem with past prognostications on this subject is that they are all based on faulty starting and ending dates. If you start on a wrong date you will end on a wrong date. And, most authors forget to include the dates that Jesus preached an additional 40 days after His resurrection until His ascension. So here is the real math concerning the time line of Jesus’ ministry.

We now know for certain by way of modern astronomy that Jesus was born on June 17th 2 B.C. Please see related: The Actual Birth Date of Jesus Revealed”. We can know this for certain because we know that the Star of Bethlehem was the conjoining of the planets Venus (Love planet) and Jupiter (King planet). This conjunction created the brightest light ever seen in the night sky. Thus, this is the date Jesus was actually born. Please see related: The Actual Star of Bethlehem Revealed. The Magi of Babylonia saw the star and read the prophecies of Daniel, their Chief Magi. Please see related: "Daniel's Magi Follow A Star". They left Babylon in early October, traveled nine hundred miles to the West and arrived in Bethlehem on December 25th, 2B.C.

Jesus' Corpse Being Laid To Rest Temporarily In the Tomb of Joseph of Arimathea

The Gospel of Luke states that Jesus began His ministry when he was “about 30”(Luke 3:23). We know for certain that Jesus was crucified on the day before Passover and that this Passover was a “High” Passover as it occurred on a Saturday or Sabot (John 19:31). Modern astronomy tells us that the date Jesus was crucified was Friday April 3rd 33A.D. We can know this for a fact because Passover has to occur on a full moon. And astronomy clearly shows us that the only full moon to occur in the month of April on a Saturday for 7 to 10 years in either direction of our timeline was on April 3rd, 33 A.D. And even more incredible, that same Friday evening as Jesus was being laid in His borrowed tomb, astronomy software shows that a full Blood Moon rose over Israel. So this is the indisputable date for this event. Please see related: "The Actual Crucifixion Date of Jesus Revealed".

Blood Moon Rising Friday April 3rd, 33A.D.

Now, working from the birth date of Jesus on June 17th of 2B.C., we go forward thirty years as Jesus was about thirty when He started His ministry. This brings us to the year 30 A.D. While Jesus started the year at the age of 30, He will turn 31 in June. Do not be confused that he was born in 2B.C. and is 30 in 30A.D. This is because the ancients did not have the numerical concept of zero. So, the calendar went from December 31st, 1B.C. to January 1st, 1A.D. Also remember that all worldwide ancient calendars were based on 30 days per month and 360 days a year. Please see related: How the Modern Calendar was Created”.

Here are the dates concerning the timeline of Jesus’ ministry:

There is no way to state with absolute certainty the exact day of the week when Jesus accomplished the following events in His ministry. But we can know the year, month and week because Scripture gives us a lot of timeline markers to work with.

We now know when He was born. We know He started His ministry when he was "about thirty". We know He left Nazareth and crossed the Jordan to be baptized by John. We know He immediately returned back across the Jordan and into Judah (Israel) with His first two disciples Peter and Andrew who had a home in Capernaum (John 1:35-37). On His way to Capernaum, He appointed two more disciples by the names of Philip and Nathaniel (John 1:43, 45). We know He left these four disciples to spend 40 days in the wilderness (Luke 4:1-2). We know He caught back up with them and recuperated from His fasting in Peter's family home in Capernaum. We know He next attended a wedding in Cana where He performed His first miracle (John 2:11). We know He left Cana with His mother and siblings and walked back to Capernaum (John 2:12). We know He spent a day in Capernaum with His family. He then left Capernaum and accompanied His mother Mary and siblings a mile southwest to a fork in the road.

3 Pilgrimage Routes From Capernaum to Jerusalem

They went south west to Nazareth and He went south east to Jerusalem. (John 2:13). We know it is a five to six day walk from Capernaum to Jerusalem (106 miles). Please see related: "Walking Distance Chart". We know He would teach in the Temple several days before a Feast began. We know that the Passover He attended was the first of His ministry (John 2:13). So, we have a lot of information and working backwards we can rather easily and accurately fill in the timeline.

In January of 30 A.D. Jesus announces to His family that He will now leave Nazareth to become an itinerant Rabbi. Thirty is the age by Law that a male could legally become a Levitical Temple priest, assuming he was from the tribe of Levi. However, Jesus was from the king tribe of Judah. His step father Joseph had died earlier, and as the first born son, He had inherited the family business. He and His half brothers are skilled in building structures of brick and stone. However, the Jewish term used to describe Josephs occupation is translated into the English word artisan. This means he was able to also build high quality furniture, plows, farming tools and household goods. Jesus spends His final month in Nazareth by helping complete building and repair jobs while securing future revenue opportunities for the family business. He tells His extended family, friends and colleagues that His new home will be in the city of Capernaum forty miles to the North East. He designates His oldest brother James to now run the Joseph & Sons business. We can know this because while Mary and His siblings are mentioned during His ministry, Joseph is not. Mary will be taken care of during the 40 months of Jesus' ministry by her sons and daughters. Although James was not a believer in his brother during His ministry, he become a believer and head of the Church when he met Jesus after His resurrection. He was called James the Greater because he was Jesus' brother. He was fearless in his zeal to spread the Gospel, and was the first Apostle to be martyred. There was a second disciple named James who became know as James the Less.

Jesus Baptized by John From the Tribe of Levites on East Side of Jordan River

In February of 30 A.D. Jesus, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, now leaves Nazareth seeking His blood relative know as John the Baptizer. He finds him east of the Jordan River in the Kingdom of Jordan (John 1:28). On or about February 15th, Jesus is baptized. On a personal note, I have been to Israel in January and crowds were lined up to be baptized in the Jordan River. It is then John assigns two of his disciples, John and Andrew, to follow Jesus. They cross west back over the Jordan at the exact same place Joshua crossed as he led the children of Israel into the promised land near Jericho.

"Begone Satan"

Jesus, with His first two disciples, began to travel toward Capernaum the city that Jesus had chosen earlier to use as His home base. On the way, Jesus appoints the disciples Peter, the older brother of Andrew who lives in Capernaum (John 1:40-42), Philip (John 1:43-44), and Nathanael also known as Bartholomew (John 1:45). He then explains that He needs to go into the wilderness for 40 days to pray, fast and confront Satan (Matthew 4:1-3). Jesus later leaves the wilderness and meets back up with His disciples probably in Capernaum. This city is the home of Peter and Andrew who own a successful family fishing business. It has been forty days and it is now on or around March 25th, 30 A.D. Jesus spends the next eight days recovering from His wilderness ordeal. Eight is the number of a new beginning. It is now April the 3rd. The next day, or April 4th, Jesus and His five disciples leave Capernaum and walk four miles to the village of Cana known today as Khirbet Qana to attend a family wedding.

Khirbet Qana 'Cana' now a ruin

The current city of Cana became a venerated site in the middle ages. However, modern archeology has not found any Roman Period ruins in this city. Therefore, this cannot be the actual Cana where Jesus attended a wedding. Instead, it appears the real Cana was Khirbet Qana. It is located eight miles north west of Nazareth and twelve miles west of the Sea of Galilee. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D. and still remains in a ruined state. This is why an alternate site was chosen to be the one shown to Christian pilgrims and not the actual site which is simply a hill top covered with broken stone building blocks. Please see related, "Where Did the Ancient Buildings of Israel Go?"

Jesus Performs First Miracle By Turning Water Into Aged Wine

Traditionally, Jewish weddings take place in April as it is the start of Spring in Judah. And, most Jewish weddings take place on Tuesdays as this day received a double blessing by God (Genesis 1:9-13). It is here that Jesus will perform His first miracle of turning water into wine (John 2:7-9). The following day or April 5th, Jesus along with His five disciples, His mother Mary and His siblings walk from Cana back to Capernaum. Jesus spends the next day with His family. The following day or April 7th, Jesus walks His family one mile southwest to a fork in the road. The road to the right goes southwest to Nazareth. The road to the left goes southeast to Jerusalem. The trip to Jerusalem is a four day walk. Please see related: "Walking Times Chart". Jesus arrives in Jerusalem on April 11th and arranges for lodgings. Both He and the disciples probably stay with family or friends who live there, or are also in town to celebrate Passover.

Jesus Teaches For 1st Time in Temple Courtyard

On the morning of April the 12th, Jesus enters the Temple courtyard, and for the first time, teaches there as a rabbi. He will return each day to teach, preach and worship until the afternoon of the 14th, as Passover will start at sundown. Scripture suggests that Jesus always arrived a few days early before a feast. This allowed Him the opportunity to be seen and heard by tens of thousands of parishioners arriving from across the Mediterranean area. April 15th, 30 A.D. is the first Passover of Jesus’ ministry. He will be crucified the day before His third and last Passover. Again, that date is Friday, April 3rd 33 A.D. Jesus was 33 years old at that time but would have turned 34 on June 17th.

Note: April the 3rd is seldom a full moon according to our modern calendar. However, the Jews still celebrate Passover during a full moon usually in April regardless of the date on the modern calendar. So, if you want to acknowledge the actual birth date of Jesus, it is June 17th. The actual date the Magi met Jesus, Mary and Joseph and first celebrated His birth was on December 25th, 2B.C. And, the actual date of His crucifixion is April 3rd, 33B.C. It was decided by the Catholic Church that Easter would always fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox. Please see related: "How the Modern Calendar Was Created".

On an interesting note, April 3rd, 2033 will mark the 2,000 year anniversary of this unparalleled event in human history. This date in April will also mark the 6,000 year anniversary of the creation of Adam and his race known as Modern Man. The Jews believe that Adam was created the first day of April. Satan has turned this auspicious day of the creation of man into April Fools Day. Six is the number of mankind and possibly the end of the six thousand year Age of the Rule of Adamic Man on earth.

Second Coming of Christ

The start of the 7th one thousand year Age will then begin. Seven is the number of completion. Scripture tells us that, with the Second Coming of Christ, the one thousand year Age of the Reign of Christ on earth will begin.

The New Jerusalem Descends Down to the Earth to Begin the Age of Perfection

At the end of this Age, known as The Millennial Reign of Christ, the 8th one thousand year Age since Adam will begin and is called the Age of Perfection. Eight is the number of a new beginning, and if you lay the numeral eight on its side, it becomes the symbol for eternity. The Book of Revelation tells us that this Age begins with the appearance of the New Jerusalem descending to the earth. This enormous complex that is 1,500 miles by 1,500 miles, will also contain the Throne of the Triune Godhead who will rule creation and all the following Ages eternally from the earth (Ephesians 2:6-7; Revelation 21:1-7). Please see related: "The Sky is Only A Stepping Stone".

For more specific information on these and other topics, please refer to the site's Library Index.

Here is an abbreviated timeline of Jesus’ ministry.

January 30 A.D. Jesus announces leaving Nazareth as an itinerant rabbi

February 30 A.D. Jesus baptized and begins ministry. Feb-Dec 11 mo.'s

January to December 31A.D. 12 mo.'s

January to December 32A.D. 12 mo.'s

January to April 33A.D. * 4 mo.'s

April 5th (resurrection Sunday) to May 14th (ascension)= 40 days 1 mo.


*April counts as a month as Jesus preached that entire month after His resurrection.

*May counts as a month as Jesus preached up to the 14th and His ascension. This occurred ten days before the Feast of Pentecost and the Arrival of the Holy Spirit. Most Bible scholars consider Pentecost 33 A.D. as the official start of the 2,000 year Church Age.

NOTE: In the first century, the Jews kept time with any part of a month being considered an entire month, and any part of a year considered as an entire year. For example, if a king died in the spring of a year, he was cited or credited as having ruled the entire year. The new king was also credited as having ruled that same entire year. It was not until archeologists and literary scholars discovered this concept that the Jewish historical records made mathematical sense. It is also this same way of keeping time that explains how Jesus could be crucified on a Friday, arose on Sunday and yet was still in the earth three days and three nights. Please see related: "Jesus In The Tomb Three Days And Three Nights".

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