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Prophecy in the News: April 2024

News reports were filled this month with film footage of college students protesting the war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas headquartered in the Palestinian territory known as the Gaza Strip. While twenty year olds are known to do dumb things and act out, it is startling that students considered to have the brightest minds in the country have their outrage leveled at the wrong side of this war.

It was thousands of Hamas solders that broke through a defensive wall and into Israeli territory. There they brutally murdered more than 1,200 Israelis. Some were attending a music festival while others were living in near by villages. The terrorists not only murdered innocent unarmed men and women, they literally took manchettes and hacked many of their victims into pieces including children and even infants. They then took 250 hostages (1o3 still held captive) and returned to Gaza. There they hid in a 350 mile network of underground tunnels. From there they shot at Israeli forces and challenged them to try and find them (whack-a-mole). It has taken Israeli forces six long grueling months to locate and kill the majority of Hamas forces. Over six hundred Israeli soldiers have been killed to date. But remarkably, Hamas has made it part of their defense strategy to hide and fight from hospitals, schools, orphanages, Red Cross food and medical distribution locations and even refugee camps. Their goal is to have as many Palestinians killed as possible before they themselves are killed. In this way, they hope that the world will misplace their outrage on Israel. Unfortunately, it appears to be working on the young, misinformed, and those already racist against Israel.

So the students are right in peacefully protesting war. However, lately some of the protestors have taken to chanting and giving anti-semitic speeches calling for violence against the Jewish race. This has been followed by acts of violence against Jewish students, professors and even some businesses. The protestors, dressed in Arab head scarves with posters saying death to Zionists, believe these are acts covered under the right to protest and use of free speech. However, just imagine if someone showed up wearing a white hood with a confederate flag poster saying death to people of color. How would theses college protestors feel about that? Any type of ‘hate speech’ is no longer ‘free speech’. The minute a protest becomes violent, it is no longer a legal protest and should be broken up using force if necessary.

Further, the fact that some college professors are actively supporting and even ginning up the rhetoric of hate speech is totally unacceptable. Any professor who is pro Islamic Jihadists who have taken a vow to kill all Jews in support of a murderous theocracy should receive an email stating, “We obviously made a terrible mistake when we hired you. Your fired!” Their contracts with the college should be cancelled on the grounds of moral indecency and a complete lack of critical thinking.

Also, you people who take your protests to the streets and block roads and bridges in the name of a cause, … nobody likes you! You are hurting your cause! You have to be a moron to think that the way to make people believe in your issue is to make them late to work, and unable to pick up their children at day care. You apparently do not have jobs to go to therefore, you must be living lives of privilege. This would explain why you glue your hands to the street. Its because your hands do not have work to do. If you want to draw attention to people who are living lives of desperation, why not consider all the women who live in the Middle East. They are treated like property and required to wear a sheet over their heads when they go out in public. They can even be legally beaten by their husbands for certain offenses on certain parts of their bodies. And, if ‘they’ protest, they are immediately beaten in public and taken to prison where they are repeatedly assaulted. And for those people who recently threw paint and soup on art masterpieces, do you really think that has caused anyone to rethink the idea of recycling? Last week Google employees conducted a sit-down protest because the company was conducting Cloud business with Israel. They were saying, ‘look at us and how upset we are at Google as employees’. And for their efforts, Google rightfully fired all 28 of them that same day.

The truth is, six months ago these protesters did not even know where the Gaza Strip was. So, why are they not protesting Russia’s invasion of the democratic and sovereign nation of Ukraine? What about the past two years of Russia’s indiscriminate bombing of hospitals, grade schools, food markets and electrical systems. How about protesting the Boko Haram who kidnapped entire schools of girls then raped and force married them. Hamas has repeatedly stated that their goal is a complete genocide all Jews from the face of the earth. Israel has been forced into a war that can only end with Hamas either surrendering or being completely destroyed. It is Hamas that has freely chosen to fight to the death, and are not the least concerned if that also involved the death of all Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Hamas believes that those killed in the war become martyrs and will therefore go immediately to Heaven. Thus, they see the deaths of innocent Palestinians as their gift of love to them, and that those killed will thank Hamas members in the afterlife. Talk about a messed up theology!

To all protestors, if you are antiwar, good for you and go at it! But, if you are anti Jews, or have violent intent, you are on the wrong side of history. But more importantly, you are on the wrong side of God (Genesis 12:3).

The student protestors camped on the College quads have stated that they will absolutely not come out of their tents under any circumstances … unless their phones needs recharging. Also, these students have been informed that they may want to keep their tents as they will need a place to live after they are expelled. Also, for the protestors blocking bridges, where are the rogue drifting barges when you need them?

ISIS attacked a theater in Russia killing 133 people. Bad for Russia, but good for us as ISIS apparently doesn’t just hate America. The U.S. warned Russia days in advance that ISIS was getting ready to carry out a terrorist attack on a theatre.

New York City will pay 17.5 million dollars to settle a class action law suit concerning 3,600 Muslim women. It seems that the NYC Police Department forced these women to remove their head scarfs while taking their mug shots for various criminal offences. Jamilla Clark, one of two original plaintiffs, said that she begged the officers to allow her to keep her scarf on. She told them that she felt naked and violated as she was exposed beyond words. The incident left her with PTSD symptoms. Each plaintiff will now receive a check for $10,000. Ms. Clark was later convicted for falsely filing a report that her husband was abusive, and demanding that a protective order be issued against him.

On a happier note, we can know it is possible for Jews and Arabs to coexist by just looking at the New York Diamond District.

King Charles has resumed his “Kingly Duties”. It seems his duties are officially termed, “Public-Facing”. I know we will all sleep better tonight.

Science can now use an MRI to scan a person’s organs, then have an exact replica created using material similar to real human tissue. This replica is then given to the surgeon to better locate any abnormality and also cut into the organ as practice for the actual surgery.

RFK Jr is currently polling at 11.7%. However, that figure is not nationally but only among his family members.

Israel conducted a missile strike on an Iranian embassy in Syria. It seem that several of Iran’s top generals were conducting a meeting on an upcoming military strike on Israel. Iran retaliated by sending over three hundred drones and missiles into Israel. All these weapons were shot down except one which did not cause any injuries. Israel waited until after Passover to retaliate by striking multiple military targets located away from civilian areas. These strikes and counterstrikes seem to have satisfied both politicians and citizens of the two countries. But let us be clear, Iran desperately does not want a war with Israel. They know that not only would they lose, but their infrastructure would be completely destroyed and their economy even more weaken by world sanctions. However, the Israeli bombing in Iran was difficult on the Iranian women as it is very hard to run for your life to a bomb shelter and not show any ankle. Also, the day Iran attacked Israel, Harvard, Yale and Columbia university’s sold out of turbans and burkas.

O.J. Simpson died at the age of 76. But the only real tragedy is that his death has caused the need for some poor soul to have to create the most difficult eulogy ever written. Also, with his death we can now say, “He absolutely did it!” and not be sued. But how can we know for certain that he did it? How about the fact that her blood was on his socks! Not to mention blood was found in his Bronco, gloves, back gate, driveway, and house. Also, he had posted a video on YouTube just four days before his death saying he "felt great!" Kind of makes you wonder if there was anything else he lied about?

While recent sales of Ugg's and Crocks are thriving, the same cannot be said for their owners.

A fanatic is a person that lives with a fear that someone, somewhere is enjoying their life.

FBI Director Christopher Wray stated that both international and domestic violent threats are currently at the highest levels ever recorded. China, Russia and Iran are constantly carrying out direct attacks of violence around the world both militarily and through cyber channels.

The Catholic Church has reported that people are leaving the church in the largest numbers ever recorded. Vatican staff are puzzled by this phenomenon because Pope Francis is considered to be the most popular and inclusive Pope in the history of the church.

Jacuzzi is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the slogan: “Jacuzzi, bath products that have been making water ‘feel’ great for 50 years". So, at last we know who to thank for that. Now who do we thank for making water ‘taste’ great. Oh yeah, Kool aide.

A new fad has emerged in which a tattoo is removed and replaced with the image of a pet. Interestingly, the process involves burning the old image off with a laser beam while a small cat chases the moving dot.

As of this month, Donald Trump has spent 100 million dollars in legal fees over the past three years. That amounts to an expenditure of approximately $95,000 per day, seven days a week for three years. "And none of it paid for with his own money". (NYTimes 3.27.24)

The ‘Golden Bachelor’ announced that after only three months of marriage, he was getting a divorce. Turns out the rose he gave her lasted longer than the marriage.

The “Lord of the Rings Musical” will open in July. So, if you love musicals and you love the Lord of the Ring Trilogy, then high school must have been a very hard and lonely time for you.

In Florida news, a woman by the last name of Methvin was arrested for selling crystal meth. Incredibly, she was caught selling the drug to her friend Mary Jawana.

Politics has become entertainment. We are now forced to vote for the least worst Politian.

According to the American Realtor Association, the best time to buy a house is in either the Fall or winter of 1958.

Heinz announced they had completed a multiyear process to update their entire production facilities. They have achieved total green status to include solar energy power, recycling of all packaging and the re purification of all water used during the production process. This has caused other manufactures of condiments to play ketchup.

In honor of the Solar eclipse, Star Bucks offered a doughnut with the hole covered by an Oreo cookie then dipped in dark chocolate. However, it was only available during the 4.5 minutes of the eclipse. In other news, it turned out that if you ate one dozen of these extremely high carb treats, you actually became the reason the sun was blocked.

U.S. schools are starting to experiment with making their campuses a ‘phone free zone’. It seems to take two weeks for the students to detox and become calm not having their phones always in hand. Phone time is being replace with recreational interaction with other students. Imagine that!

The bald headed movie star Dwayne Johnson is marketing a hair shampoo. The directions say to lather, rinse and then pretend.

And finally, the US Postal Service has officially contracted with UPS in an effort to improve their delivery efficiency. The new logo brand will be: USPSUPS. You can't make this stuff up.

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